What is going on this coming week?

IGLO Third Party Convention Debate


04/14-  The IGLO Convention– IGLO (Independents, Greens, Libertarians, and others) hold a convention in Northampton at 7pm at the Church of the Tree of Life in the 1st Church of Northampton. Its located on Center Street right across from the Iron Horse Music Hall.

     I will be there covering the discussion that is sure to ensue involving Greens, socialists, communists, Libertarians, and even a official associated with the Massachusetts Pirate Party (yes there is a Pirate political party in the Bay State). Topics of discussion will include civil liberties (treatment of Bradley Manning in U.S Custody, Guantanamo Bay, racial profiling, airport body scans, etc), ending the occupations and wars in both Afghanistan and Iraq, and ending the drug wars. Much wildness to ensue. Tickets can be bought for $25 at the Hempest.  Panels speakers include:

           John Sinclair (60s political radical, poet, founder of the white panthers party, and best known as the subject of John Lennon’s song “Ten for Two” when he was sentenced to two years in prison for possession of two marijuana cigarettes).

        Jimmy McMillan ( 2010 gubernatorial candidate for “The Rent is Too Damn High Party”)

        Dr. Jill Stein           (2002 and 2010 Green-Rainbow Party gubernatorial candidate)

        George Phillies     (2008 Libertarian Party Presidential candidate)

        Joe McCollugh    (Anarchist)

        and more

 04/16 & 04/17

           The 20th annual Extravaganja  is two days long and calls for the legalization of marijuana. The event will take place in two different locations in Amherst this year.  Vendors, music, and speakers will be at the event put on by the UMASS Cannabis Reform Coalition. Admission is free. Performers this year will include: Danny Pease and the Regulators, Roots of Creation, and many many more.

     After the show on Saturday night when the festivities of the day are dying down there will still be much to do at night:

        Rubblebucket Orchestra will be having a CD release party at Pearl Street.  Doors will open at around 9:00pm. Admission will be $15.

      Shakazoba will also be having a hard funk dance party at the “Elevens” in Northampton with DJ BC spinning hard funk. Admission is $5 with which you will also get a copy of Shakazoba’s album “Congress for sale”.

All this and hopefully I will post a review of one of my many movies on DVD.


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