Didn’t see this one coming, Romney announces launch of presidential exploratory committee

Photo from race42012.com

         Former Governor and 2008 GOP Presidential contender Mitt Romney (R-MA) may not have been the topic of much conversation in the past month or two. Major events such as the Japanese Tsunami and nuclear crisis, the military action in Lybia, and the budget standoff have taken center stage. Less credible candidates such as  Rep. Michelle Bachmann (R-MN), and billionaire ‘birther’ Donald Trump have eclipsed Romney with their controversial statements.

     But surprise to virtually nobody who has been conscious over the past three years that Mitt Romney was going to run. yes, there were three things the average American could count on: death, taxes, and Romney’s 2012 presidential aspirations.  But on Monday, Romney finally took a concrete step,  in announcing not that he will offically be a candidate for President, but as seen in the youtube video below;  that he is forming a Presidential exploratory committee.


      Romney is the latest out of five candidates so far to announce the formation of a Presidential exploratory Committee, a step that is widely since as the first step before officially kicking off a campaign for the Republican nomination. Early this year both  Herman Cain, the former CEO of Godfather’s Pizza and former Louisiana Governor Buddy Roemer made public that they had formed committees for a potential run. But its only been since March that any big names have advanced to that phase yet with Gingrich in March (in a rather clumsily handled way) said he had formed a website to look at exploring a possible candidacy and later that month former Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty announced his Committee.


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