Northampton Mayor Claire Higgins to leave before the end of her term

Mayor Clare Higgins (pic courtesy of Northampton media)


 Northampton Mayor Clare Higgins, will leave office three months before  her term ends, to head a local advocacy group that provides aid to low-income residents of the Valley.

       Higgins, who has served as Mayor since first being elected to the first of six terms in 2000, is expected to leave office on September 9, to become Executive Director of Community Action of Franklin, Hampshire, and Northern Quabbin  Regions Inc, which provides educational and social services to low-income residents of the region. At that time in accords with the Northampton city charter City Council President David. C. Narkewicz will become acting Mayor for the remainder of Higgin’s term until December when a new Mayor will be elected. Narkewicz had already entered the race prior today’s announcement.      Higgins, a New York native first settled in Northampton in 1977. In 1991 she was appointed to the city’s Housing Authority in 1991, before being elected city Councilor- at-large in 1994. In her last two years as part of that body she served as President of the Council, before being elected mayor.

    In March Higgins announced that this term would be her last as Mayor.


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