StrangeCreek 2011 Program

      One of the features in my coverage of the ‘StrangeCreek Campout’ of this past  weekend that will be up on this site; is this recreation of a small pamphlet all Creek goers recieved upon arrival. Within its small black and white pages were statements, rules, and most importantly rosters of all the bands playing at the event’s three stages.            

      I did my best to replicate the flavor of the event that is in those pages, even photopgraphing the advertisments for other upcoming events. Also, in the rosters I provided a link to the information page of each band’s facebook, myspace, or offical website to give readers more information on the bands themselves. Excuse any spelling or grammatical mistakes in the texts below, chances are that is how they appeared in the actual pamphlets. Having  invested a real lot of work into this, I hope you will enjoy this feature. The photographs and a short article on the event will be posted in the next few days.  


                   Welcome to Strange Creek         

    or, if you’re one of the many friends who’ve become regular attendees of wormtown events, welcome home!

        Once again we gather in our little corner of the New England woods with Spring in full swing and the excitment of Summer coming on soon. Strange Creek  has grown and maturned over nine amazing years and a great deal of the credit for that goes to our widespread , colorful, good-natured community. Thanks for being part of that community, whether it’s your first time or you’ve never missed one. We truly love and sincerly thank you for your support of Wormtown and hope you have a safe and uplifting festival experience this weekend.

      We’re proud of this community and how well we take care of each other, so let’s keep maintain that aspect of the Wormtown tradition above all. Be kind to your neighbors, and yourselves, and look out for your fellow campers. Please respect the land (clean up! recycle!) and this wonderful venue. Leaving only warm memories ’til we gather once again… in September for the Wormtown Festival.

                                                                                             Much Love,

                                                                                           The Worms


                                Friday, May 27

                                                                                        Main Stage-

                                                                   3:30pm Longview Gunslingers

                                                                   4:30pm Shokazoba

                                                                  5:30pm Waylon Speed

                                                                  6:45pm Oak Street

                                                                   8:00pm Jimkata

                                                                   9:30pm The Alchemystics

                                                                       Vernville Earth Stage:

                                                                    5:00 pm Left Ear Trio

                                                                   6:30 PM The Juicy Grapes

                                                                   8:00 pm DPR

                                                                   9:30 pm Tony Lee Thomas

                                                                    River Worm Stage:

                                                               12:30pm William Thompson Funk Experiment

                                                               2:00 pm The Raft

                                                              3:30pm Tweed

                                                              5:00pm Viral Sound

                                                              6:30PM Gravity Works

                                                              8:00pm Beat Drops feat. Chelsea Lau

                                                              9:30pm The Phreaks

                                         Wormtown Cabin:                                          Keewanee Cabin:

                                         The Big Sway                                                          Jeff Bujak

                                    Roots of Creation                                                        Sauce

                                             Dopapod                                                                     Seed



                             Saturday May 28th                                                       

                                                    Main Stage                           

                                                      10:00 am  Ducky & Dee’s Wedding! Join In!

                                                       10:15am   The Kind Buds

                                                       11:00am  The Abrams Brothers

                                                       Noon:       Sun Jones

                                                       1:00pm    Domino Theory

                                                      2:00pm    Playin’ Dead

                                                      3:00pm    The McLovins

                                                     4:15pm    Kung FU

                                                     5:30 pm   New Riders of the Purple Sage

                                                     7:00pm   Max Creek


                                                  10:00 am  Dog Star Blue

                                                  11:30 am   Ultraviolet Hippopotamus

                                                  1:00pm    Timbre Coup

                                                 2:30pm   Matt Zeiner Band

                                                 4:00pm    Jack Grace Band

                                                 5:30pm    The Kings

                                                     River Worm Stage

                                                 9:30am  Grass Gypsys

                                                 11:00am  Otis Grove

                                                 12:30pm  Jabooda

                                                 2:00pm    Twiddle

                                                 3:30pm     Insigniya

                                                5:00pm    Michael Cleary Band

                                                6:30pm     Wolfman Conspiracy

                                                8:00 pm    Fennario  

                                                9:30pm     Turbine   

                        Wormtown Cabin                                    Kewanee Cabin

              Big Ol’ Dirty Bucket                                    Fungus Amungus

              Goosepimp Orchestra                              Riders on the Storm

                   Romano Project                                         Five Man Floyd



      Please help us keep the good times and  good vibes going by observing a few simple rules:   

                                                                    No Glass bottle please.

                                                                             No open fires

                                                                                  No dogs                                                                     

                                                                              No fireworks

                                                                                  No nitrous

                                                         Respect your neighbors and yourselves.

                                            Help keep the land clean and help friends in need.

                                We are a Community!                                                         

                                      Please help us wrap things up by clearing the campgrounds

                                      on Monday morning and drive carefully on your way home.




 Strangers Helping Strangers

Don and crew have been collecting non-perishable food and hygene items for local food banks  and families in need at wormtown events for years. Prizes for the biggest donations! Think of SHS if you go into town for food, or if you have leftovers at the end of the weekend.Help make the world a better place, by helping others in need.

Battle of the Bands!

   We hear from so many talented musicans who want to be part of the Wormtown scene. Onme of the hardest parts of organizing these events is ‘breaking in’ new talent while maintaining our great relationship with bands we’ve watched grow over the years. So we host our ‘battles’ (very friendly affairs, really) both to check out new bands and to give some of them an oppurtunity to work thier way into a festival set. The next battles will take place in August. But you can sign up starting in June, by e-mailing– include your band name and a link or links to check out your tunes. We’ll have online polls on and Facebook to narrow the field and see who rises to the top. The shows are always free for fans!

Wormtown Online

 Hop on the Wormboard! the friendly interactive community online at is a great place for keeping in touch with wormtown friends, swaping notes about upcoming happenings, making each other laugh, and asking questions about wormtown events throughout the year.

Facebookin’– Join us as a friend of Wormtown Trading Co. (spelled like that), another way to keep in touch about upcoming wormtown events and be the first to know about news, updates, and developments.

As always will have the latest news on things like the upcoming Wormtown Festival, Camp Creek, this Summer’s ‘Battle of the Bands’, and other wormtown happenings in the Wormtown world! There’s also a place to join the mailing list for regular updates!







                                     Sunday May 29th

                                                                                                         Main Stage

                                                 10:00 am    Free family pot-luck Brunch w/Ben Rudnick & Friends

                                                 10:45am     Rising Tribe

                                                  11:45 am    Kids set w/ Brothers McCann

                                                   Noon            Rev Tor Band  

                                                   1:00pm       Juggling Suns

                                                  2:00pm       Black Rebels

                                                  3:00pm       Brothers McCann

                                                 4:00pm       Shakedown

                                                 5:15pm        New Riders of the Purple Sage

                                                 6:30pm        Ryan Montebleua Band

                                                 8:00pm        Strangefolk

                                                           Vernville Earth Stage         

                                                11:00 am     Orange Television

                                                12:30pm      Love in Stockholm

                                                2:15pm         Strangefolk

                                               4:30pm        Cabinet

                                               6:00pm        Turtle Soup

                                                         River Worm Stage

                                               9:30am  Our own World

                                                11:00am  Groove Shoes

                                                12:30pm  Asleep in a Box

                                                2:00pm   Lemon Juice

                                                3:30pm   One Step Further

                                                5:00pm   Chris Merenda & the Wheel

                                                 6:30pm    Ready, Set, Flo!

                                                8:00pm    Moses & the Electric Co.

                                                9:30pm     Holmes

                           Wormtown Cabin                                                                   Keewanee Cabin

                    Sister Sparrow & the Dirty Birds                               Beau Sasser Trio

                         Consider the Source                                                      Buzz Universe

                                                                                                                               The Phreaks


                                         About Family

         We are proud that our gatherings have grown more family friendly than ever. We think of  our community as extended family, and our brothers and sisters now raising families can still enjoy the festivals as our wonderful family camping staff help provide a safe and entertaining haven for them and thier children.

    We ask that you keep a few things in mind. Firstly, stay involved with and aware of your family members. Please don’t treat family camping as a babysitting service; guardians should always be mindful of thier responsibilities. If our staff thinks there is a problem, they will be proactive. Please never leave young children unattended if they are old enough to roam check in with them often and keep them close after dark. If a child is missing, don’t hesitate to contact staff for immediate assistance. Safety is always the highest priority.

If you did not come with children , please be respectful of families around you, and mindful of the safety of youngsters. Family camping is not the party spot; please tone it down in that area at night. The are here to help, but “it takes a village” as the saying goes, and the safety and comfort of all is our highest and constant concern. In other words, “play smart” so everyone goes home happy.


           Family Camping Schedule or Events

                                            Friday, May 27th

                                11:00am         Kid’s Cabin opens

                                2:00pm           Puppet making demo/ paper mache worms

                                3:00pm           Recycle meeting

                                4:00pm           Teen team meeting

                                6:00pm            Meet & Greet- Music Choosing

                                                 Saturday, May 28th

                                 9:30am             Fruit potluck at the kid’s cabin

                                 10:30am           Face painting

                                 11:00am           Paper Mache Project  

                                 11:30am            Family Music with Alan

                                 Noon                  Flute workshop with Barry

                                 2:00pm             Scavanger hunt with prizes for all

                                 3:00pm             Family music with Alan

                                 5:00pm             Kid’s Set Rehersal

                                      Sunday,  May 29th

                                 8:00 am            Lupa Zoo- Animal Exploration

                              10:00am           Potluck Breakfast with Family Music on the Main Stage & Ben    Rudnick and face painting on the concert field.

                                11:15am            Final Rehersal for Kids set

                                11:30am            Kids Parade

                                11:45am             Kids Set on Main Stage with Brothers McCann

                                2:00pm              Craft Project 








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