Treasure hunter wants to find Bin Laden’s body

Last May when it was announced to the world that Seal Team six had hunted down and killed Bin Laden before disposing of his corpse at sea, the decade long hunt for the world’s most wanted terrorist seemed to be over.

Now if a treasure hunter has his way, a new hunt for Bin Laden will be soon just beginning. This time in search of Bin Laden’s body, to find out if the Al-Queda founder is really dead.

WDAM-TV (H/T- Ten Gallon Liberal)

Bill Warren, 67, wants to set out to find bin Laden’s body after Navy Seals lowered his body into the North Arabian Sea.

“I am mainly doing it to prove a point to see if he is really dead,” Warren said.

Warren claims he has a good idea where bin Laden’s body is located, and said his 180-foot boat is waiting in Western India with high-tech equipment that can point out just about anything in water.

“It’s what they found the Titanic with, it’s sidescan sonar, and it’s very high tech,” Warren said.

There’s a lot of thought that finding the body in an open ocean will be very difficult, and bin Laden’s body may be decomposed beyond recognition.

“The fish can’t get at it.  It’s in a sealed Navy burial bag, zipped up,” Warren said. “White canvass rubber lined inside, 200-pounds of weights.”

Warren already has plans if he does find the corpse.

“We would photograph, videotape, do a DNA test and then try to figure out what we are going to do with his body after that,” he said.

I don’t think the end result will come to much. On one hand they may have found the Titanic. But then again decades after his disappearance we still haven’t found Jimmy Hoffa’s body, and if he was killed his remains weren’t disposed of by a team of highly skilled and seasoned professional Navy Seals but by a number of gangsters. Still Warren claims he has a slew of unnamed investors in the U.S and abroad willing to sink money into this adventure.


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