Whitey Bulger is captured and other headlines


First off, I won’t to apologize for the scarce updates on here, but as I said on the site’s facebook page Saturday; my laptop is broken and until it either gets repaired or I purchase a new one (which I am currently saving up for) I will only be able to blog from libraries.
    Anyway there is a lot of news so I am just going to list some of the most interesting headlines one may come across today.
  •     Last night in a live address, President Obama announced that starting next month; the United States will begin to withdraw troops from Afghanistan following nearly a decade of war. A total of 10,000 troops will be withdrawn by years end, and as many as 23,000  additional troops will be withdrawn by next Summer. As many as 70,000 U.S soldiers will remain in the country to train Afghan soliders and along with the armies of other allied countries; fight to diminish the influence of the Taliban and root out the remnants of Al-Queda in that country.


  •     Progressives and members of the President’s party seemed to react with disappointment that larger numbers of troops weren’t withdrawn faster. Conservatives were largely split. Some such as GOP Presidential candidate former Gov Jon Huntsman (R-UT) say the draw down isn’t quick enough, well fellow candidate Gov Tim Pawlenty (R-MN) is saying he is ‘deeply concerned’ about the content of the President’s speech staking out the hawkish neoconservative position.

In other news:

  •   Speaking of Pawlenty; a source tells the Washington Post that some operatives are working for scarce if any pay on the former Minnesota Governor’s campaign.



  •    Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA) and GOP Presidential candidate Ron Paul (R-TX) will propose legislation to allow individual states to fully legalize marijuana. Under the legislation people in states that legalize it would be able to buy, grow, or sell marijuana in those states that legalize it, while narrowing the mission of federal law enforcement to stopping cross border or interstate smuggling.


  •  In local news the South Hadley School Committee by a 3-2 vote, has Superintendent Dr. Gus Sayer to keep a 3 percent pay raise.

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