Storm updates

   The Western Massachusetts Electric Company (WEMCO) said many without power will have electricity again by dusk tonight writing on their Facebook page:
   ‎110+ line and tree crews are working hard to restore power to WMECo customers. Much progress was made overnight to restore outages that affected 14,000 at the peak. A complete restoration is expected by 6pm today.Call 413-781-4300 within the Springfield area, or 877-OK-WMECO (877-659-6326) to report an outage.
Fifty-nine communities in the Pioneer Valley are customers of WMECO, several of which are plagued by outages. All customers they say, will have power back on by Friday night.
    On a related topic, In Chicopee Mayor Michael Bissonette made similar proclamations, but given the scale of the  of the outages, there are reports that it could be days before all those hurled into darkness by the outages once again have electricity.
    Throughout Chicopee, Electrical wires and transformers went down, as did as many as 200 trees that are now being cleared by clean up crews. Among the places in the city where power has been restored is Westover Air Force base.
  So far there has not been news of any other injuries or deaths.
    In addition to toppled trees, an old mill located by the dam in Holyoke had a section of it punched out by the storm.
South Hadley: 
  The Veterans administration and Department of Recreation offices located in the basement of the South Hadley town hall will also be closed for the day Wednsday, in order to clean up damage from the storms.
        The Indian Orchard section of Springfield was walloped pretty hard, resulting in heavy flooding of streets.
    Still reeling from the tornado that struck it in June, Wilbraham fell victim yet again to fierce weather.
The Hampden-Wilbraham Regional school District is closed for today due to the storm.
The city’s website says that officals have been surveying the damage and that a local disaster declaration was officially declared early Wednesday morning.
   They appear to be working with the National Grid company, which estimates that the bulk of those affected by the outages will have power once again by tomorrow afternoon.

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