Headlines on the recovery in the calm after the storm.

A display shed in the parking lot outside the Home Depot on Memorial Drive, was crushed by Thursdays storm.

The city of Wilbraham is the community in Western Massachusetts that sustained the lions share of the fury and was struck the heaviest blows of Tuesday’s storms, according to the National Weather Service. Winds, at times reaching speeds of between ninety and one hundred miles an hour.

The National Weather Service also reports that the swift, but brief winds and hail were the result of a straight line downdraft of air known as a ‘microburst’.

In old mill building just off Lyman Street that had a large section of one of its brick walls chewed out by the winds of Tuesday’s storm, will soon be demolished. The Paper city’s Acting building inspector said Wednesday that the remaining shell of the   building  housing the James A. Curran General Contractors Inc, is to be slated for demolition and was already in frail condition leading up to the storm.

In South Hadley, the Offices for the town’s Departments of Recreation and Veterans remain closed due to damage from the storms.

Power is also appearing to be restored to an increasing number of homes plunged into darkness during the storms.WMECO, says just 38 of its customers remain without power in Springfield, Pittsfield, and Ludlow, despite an incident this morning caused by a bird, that led to outages for 200 WMECO serviced residents, which were soon repaired.  National Grid reports that there remain just two active outages. 


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