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September 30, 2011

Who knew that even Hitler liked Pleasent Street Video?

Local movie enthusiasts were crestfallen this Summer when after a quarter century of bringing classic cinema and great conversation into our lives; the forces of economics and advancing technology forced those us in the valley to parts ways with Pleasent Street Video.

Fellow Valley blogger Tommy Devine, posted  a scene from the 2004 film  The Down Fall (which has been altered in the past to show Hitler railing against everything from Barack Obama beating Hillary Clinton in the Democartic primaries in 2008, to the Apple ipad, and even the parodies themselves) in which Hitler takes the news  that the independent video store that once sat at the corner of Pleasant and Armory Streets has gone out of business, pretty hard.

His nerves though would probably calm though after he learned that the Forbes Library had adopted the store’s entire collection and will make them available to the public to rent out at no cost. A good way to say ‘up yours’ to Netflix.

September 30, 2011

Setti Warren calls it quits in bid for Senate

Newton Mayor and Democratic Senate hopeful Setti Warren ended his campaign for the U.S Senate Thursday. (Pic courtesy of the Boston Globe).

Updated: 10/01/11

Rumors surfaced late yesterday from a Democratic official that it would happen, and today with his family and supporters by his side on his front lawn, Newton Mayor Setti Warren offically ended his four month old bid for the U.S Senate.

The 41-year old Iraq War Veteran and current Newton Mayor said  he was dropping  out of the race because given the entry of Elizabeth Warren (no relation), poor  fundraising numbers, and an inability to break out from the rest of the field, it is hard to see a way he could get the nomination.

“I got in to this race for one reason and one reason only – to beat Scott Brown. And I am getting out now for one reason and one reason only – because I no longer believe I have a clear path to victory in this race.”

Warren, the first African-American Mayor in Newton’s history, entered the Senate race in May, but despite some talk and victories in straw polls among Democratic activists in Methun and Haverill, but has struggled to distinguish himself in a crowded Democratic field and raise money. The FEC fundraising records  from last quarter showed the Warren campaign with a debt of $22,000  and that is with still a year to go until the primary election next September.

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September 29, 2011

Elizabeth Warren gets a big endorsement and other developments in the Mass U.S Senate race

Democratic Senate Candidate Elizabeth Warren.

First, she entered the Democratic primary race for the U.S Senate on a tidal wave of  high name recognition, the enthusiasm of progressive activists, and a bold populist message aimed at the Middle Class. Then, a poll shows her as the only candidate beating Sen.Scott Brown (R-MA) in his bid for re-election next Fall.

Now, another sign that the momentum for the Senate campaign of  Wall Street critic Elizabeth Warren continues to build , is coming in the form of a high-profile endorsement.

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September 28, 2011

The Valley Advocate Grand Band Slam

The logo for the Valley Advocate's 2011 'Grand Band Slam' (Pic courtesy of Valley Advocate)


The Valley Advocate  released the names of the winners of this year’s annual ‘Grand Band Slam’, in last week’s issue.

I actually wasn’t going to do a post on this, but I remembered how my post of the results of  the Advocate’s  ‘Best of the Valley 2011 Readers Poll’  was one of my most viewed posts. Besides, I thought those who reside outside the valley and view my blog, those local music fans who don’t regularly read the Advocate ( a rare breed), or those who don’t read the Advocate and read my blog (hey, it could happen); could hear the rooster of names who have been crowned  winners in this local contest.

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September 27, 2011

The Alchemystics

This video of the Alchemystics performing one of thier trademarks songs ‘Shine-eyed Girl’ at the Arts Block in Greenfield, MA Sunday night, where they were capturing footage for a video for thier new song ‘Dance onto the corner’. See the photo gallery after the jump.

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September 23, 2011

Alchemystics FREE ‘413 Family Party and Video Shoot’ this Sunday in Greenfield, MA

Just found out that the ‘Alchemystics’ will be at the Arts Block in Greenfield, MA this Sunday   from 4pm-9pm for a  show and video shoot for their song ‘Dance Upon the Corner’. Admission is free and there will be BBQ and live performances from: the ‘Fear Nuttin Band’, ‘Danny Pease and the Regulators’, DJ Theory, and more.

Originally the video shoot was scheduled for late August, but was canceled due to Tropical Storm Irene. The only storm they will be facing this week is the thundering of dancing and jammin. For more information check out the event’s Facebook page.

Great music, at a great price, in a great city. Come check it out.

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September 22, 2011

Elizabeth Warren, one week in.

About a week into Elizabeth Warren’s Democratic primary campaign for the U.S Senate, it appears that she isn’t doing nearly as bad and some thought she would be or Republicans hoped she would be.

First her campaign and Democrats recieved a jolt of sorts when a new poll revealed that a new poll shows her up two points in a hypothetical race with Brown next year, after a previous poll had shown her 15 points behind. Now Greg Sargent at the Washington Post has this video which is making the rounds through the progressive blogosphere.

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September 22, 2011

Mass GOP searches for a new chair, GOP picks up seat in House, and Scott Brown’s possible reversal of fortune

Here are some of the latest headlines in Bay state politics.

  • Less than a week after officially entering the race for the Democratic nomination to go up against Sen. Scott Brown (R-MA) next Fall, a new poll shows Elizabeth Warren narrowly leading Brown in a potential general election match-up, 46%-44%. In polling before she was a candidate, numbers showed her losing to Brown by 15%. The survey conducted by Public Policy Polling also saw her favorability and name recognition increase, as well Brown’s disapproval.

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September 21, 2011

Northampton sidewalks as a canvas.

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September 20, 2011

Preliminary Elections Today

Old fashioned voting booth (image courtesy of

A little late to announce this, but there are preliminary elections today in cities and towns across the Commonwealth.

In Springfield three candidates are vying for Mayor. Incumbent Dominic J Sarno is competing against School Committee member Antonette Pepe and City Council President Jose F. Tosado; to be one of the two candidates to be on the ballot in November for a second term. The winner in November’s general election will be the first Mayor elected to a four-year term.

Pepe, 70 has been especially vocal in her criticisms of Sarno, even accusing him of  blackmail. A charge he denies. So, if it becomes a Pepe versus Sarno race at the end of the night, look for the bad blood between the two to make for a combative general election.

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