Elizabeth Warren, one week in.

About a week into Elizabeth Warren’s Democratic primary campaign for the U.S Senate, it appears that she isn’t doing nearly as bad and some thought she would be or Republicans hoped she would be.

First her campaign and Democrats recieved a jolt of sorts when a new poll revealed that a new poll shows her up two points in a hypothetical race with Brown next year, after a previous poll had shown her 15 points behind. Now Greg Sargent at the Washington Post has this video which is making the rounds through the progressive blogosphere.   Warren while speaking to a group of voters, brings up and then delivers what many say is a gutsy and very effective populist rebuke to the ‘class warfare’ charge made by many conservatives against raising taxes on the wealthiest. Namely that one may create jobs and design products and become wealthy as a result, but in esscence no person become rich completly on there own. That society in  maintaining  public roads  used to deliver goods to market, that public fire departments and police keep those factory owners, entrepreneurs, and their property safe. That paying taxes isn’t an unfair burden at a time when after tax loopholes and rebates are factored in, many of America’s richest only pay 18% in taxes.

The video of Warren is making its rounds through the blood stream of the progresssive blogosphere. Conservatives for thier part are decrying it as ‘socialism’, and state that the wealthiest already pay most of the taxes. Nevertheless it seems like an effective argument especially with middle classs voters who with the majority of the electorate would support higher taxes on the wealthy, and dilineates a clear contrast with Brown who opposes any such policy.

The Brown Campaign is now painting themselves as the ‘underdog’ and since Election Day (and even primary day for the Democrats) is about a year away, nothing is set in stone. But the way she phrases herself, such as referring to the share of the income the richest keep and the richest should give back as a ‘hunk’ of, shows that ‘Professor’ Warren may be an academic, but knows how to talk policy in the language of blue collars workers who backed Brown last year.

Still there are many pitfalls and Brown with his political acumen, skilled campaigning, and a large campaign war chest that can be used to define Warren have better than half a chance to carry the day (that is assuming she is the Democrat’s candidate). But these latest developments show that at least so far she is reinforcing the notion of herself as ‘a fighter’ who won’t make it easy for him to do so.

Jason Easley at Politics USA says that who the Republicans select for thier national ticket could very well determine Brown’s chances.

 I also have a hunch that Scott Brown’s odds for reelection also hinge on who the Republican Party nominates. If Rick Perry is the nominee, Brown is going to struggle to win reelection. If Mitt Romney is the nominee, and he proves popular with the state’s Independents, this Senate race could be a dogfight on Election Night.

Its a suggestion that polling also done by PPP also seems to back up to some degree. Though he is still far ahead, Obama would beat Gov. Rick Perry (R-TX) in Massachusetts much more handily then he would Mitt Romney. In New Hampshire meanwhile, Perry barely registers at all and this may just show that his popularity in the northeast quadrant of the country is, at best, limited.


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