Mass GOP searches for a new chair, GOP picks up seat in House, and Scott Brown’s possible reversal of fortune

Here are some of the latest headlines in Bay state politics.

  • Less than a week after officially entering the race for the Democratic nomination to go up against Sen. Scott Brown (R-MA) next Fall, a new poll shows Elizabeth Warren narrowly leading Brown in a potential general election match-up, 46%-44%. In polling before she was a candidate, numbers showed her losing to Brown by 15%. The survey conducted by Public Policy Polling also saw her favorability and name recognition increase, as well Brown’s disapproval.

  • Meanwhile, Raw Story reports that a tipster for Talking Points Memo overheard Brown’s reaction to the news. Personally from what I gathered from this piece, the term ‘meltdown’ seems a bit sensationalist.
  • There was one election last night that could shake things up in terms for Democrats who still have an overwhelming majority in both the State House and Senate. Republicans won control of a seat in the State House, in a special election last night. Keiko Revall from Lakeview beat out her Democratic rival Middleborough’s Roger Brunelle for the seat representing the 12th District in Bristol county. The seat became open in June when the incumbent resigned to take a job in the health insurance industry. A year after the victory of Scott Brown and the increase in the number of Republicans in the House in last year’s midterm election, it appears that the long-time fledgling Massachusetts Republican Party has actually gained some momentum. But don’t necessarily look at them to take control of either legislative chamber anytime soon. Democrats have held the majority since about the 1950s and still hold a commanding lead.
  • Speaking of which, Massachusetts GOP chairwoman Jennifer A. Nassour has announced that she will be stepping down from her post, to attend to her pregnancy. Now apparently Worcester Republicans are now on the radar screen when it comes to picking a replacement. ‘Red Mass Group’ reports that Brent Andersen, Treasurer for the Worcester County Republicans is mulling a possible bid for the post, while fellow Central Mass Republicans unsucessful 2010 State Treasurer candidate and former state Representative Karyn Polito (R- Shrewsbury), as well as former U.S Rep. Peter Blute (R-MA 3rd district) are being considered.

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