Setti Warren calls it quits in bid for Senate

Newton Mayor and Democratic Senate hopeful Setti Warren ended his campaign for the U.S Senate Thursday. (Pic courtesy of the Boston Globe).

Updated: 10/01/11

Rumors surfaced late yesterday from a Democratic official that it would happen, and today with his family and supporters by his side on his front lawn, Newton Mayor Setti Warren offically ended his four month old bid for the U.S Senate.

The 41-year old Iraq War Veteran and current Newton Mayor said  he was dropping  out of the race because given the entry of Elizabeth Warren (no relation), poor  fundraising numbers, and an inability to break out from the rest of the field, it is hard to see a way he could get the nomination.

“I got in to this race for one reason and one reason only – to beat Scott Brown. And I am getting out now for one reason and one reason only – because I no longer believe I have a clear path to victory in this race.”

Warren, the first African-American Mayor in Newton’s history, entered the Senate race in May, but despite some talk and victories in straw polls among Democratic activists in Methun and Haverill, but has struggled to distinguish himself in a crowded Democratic field and raise money. The FEC fundraising records  from last quarter showed the Warren campaign with a debt of $22,000  and that is with still a year to go until the primary election next September.

Making matters worse the recent entry of Elizabeth Warren (no relation) consumed all the oxygen from other candidates, and given that they have the same last name one can see how Warren’s campaign would suffer when someone who perhaps doesn’t remember his campaign Googles  ‘Warren for Senate Massachusetts’ only to get the campaign website for and a host of stories about Elizabeth Warren. Mayor Warren even admitted that Elizabeth Warren’s entry into the race was a factor in his decision.

Six candidates now remain in the race for the Democratic nomination. Elizabeth Warren, State Rep. Tom Conroy (D-Wayland) who has made a name for himself walking across the state, Former 1994 Democratic candidate for Lieutenant Governor Robert Massie, former City Year founder and 2009 Democratic Senate contender Alan Khazei, Immigration Attorney Marisa Defranco, and Newton engineer Herb Robinson.

Brown had been shown for much of the Summer has beating any of his potential Democratic opponents by a comfortable margin. However, one recent poll by  Public Policy Polling showed Elizabeth Warren winning in a hypothetical match-up with Brown 46-44.


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