Who knew that even Hitler liked Pleasent Street Video?

Local movie enthusiasts were crestfallen this Summer when after a quarter century of bringing classic cinema and great conversation into our lives; the forces of economics and advancing technology forced those us in the valley to parts ways with Pleasent Street Video.

Fellow Valley blogger Tommy Devine, posted  a scene from the 2004 film  The Down Fall (which has been altered in the past to show Hitler railing against everything from Barack Obama beating Hillary Clinton in the Democartic primaries in 2008, to the Apple ipad, and even the parodies themselves) in which Hitler takes the news  that the independent video store that once sat at the corner of Pleasant and Armory Streets has gone out of business, pretty hard.

His nerves though would probably calm though after he learned that the Forbes Library had adopted the store’s entire collection and will make them available to the public to rent out at no cost. A good way to say ‘up yours’ to Netflix.


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