Bob Massie steps out of Democratic primary contest

U.S Senate candidate Bob Massie Jr, dropped out of the race to be the Democratic nominee on Friday. (Pic courtesy of

One week following the exit of Newton Mayor Setti Warren from the race for the Democratic nomination to take on Sen. Scott Brown (R-MA) in next November’s much watched election, another candidate has decided to end his campaign.

A statement posted on the website of Democrat Bob Massie Jr  Friday morning, announced that he will be exiting the primary field.

“Today I am withdrawing from the race for the Democratic nomination for the United States Senate. I am doing so because the momentum of the race has shifted so profoundly that I can no longer see a path for me to win the primary and defeat Scott Brown.

As someone who loves our history and our commonwealth, it has been a privilege to run for this office over the last nine months.   One cannot retrace the steps of great senators like John and Edward Kennedy without coming to understand the importance of this role.”

Each of the candidates recently submitted their fundraising totals for the past three months and according to the Boston Globe, Massie told the Globe that he had raised about $51,000 over the nine month life of his campaign and with $60,000 remaining in his bank account he could have pressed on for another few months. So unlike Setti Warren his campaign doesn’t sound like it has much debt.

Massie is the son of famed historian and author Robert Massie and an Episcopal Priest who in 1994 was the Democrats unsuccessful candidate for Massachusetts Lieutenant Governor.

Massie though hasn’t really ever made a big impression in the polls or in last week’s debate, and given how Warren has attracted so much of the attention, money, and zeal of liberal activists, its hard to see how he could have. Massie added that he wasn’t pressured to drop out by any fellow Democrats but his campaign came to this decision on its own. Two of his opponents reacted to Massie’s departure. The campaign of Alan Khazei, the co-founder of the ‘City Year’ national service program released this statement: 

“Bob Massie brought deep passion, thoughtful ideas and a vision for a more compassionate and more just 21st Century America to this race. We share a strong desire to fight for Democratic ideals and to change the system in Washington. I will miss his voice and leadership in this campaign. I know that Bob will continue to share his ideas, vision and passion with the citizens of Massachusetts.”

The  campaign of state Representative Tom Conroy (D-13th Middlesex district) in a tweet described Massie as:

 an exemplary, courageous and visionary. Will continue to inspire and to shape our future.

Massie said that he will take some time off before rendering a decision on who to endorse, if anyone among his fellow Democrats.

Increasingly the primary is looking to be a Khazei vs. Warren contest. Friday, the Khazei team told the Globe it raised $365,000 last quarter and is in the race for the long haul. But given that the Brown campaign is already taking hits at Warren and that she is eating away at Brown’s once sizable lead, it seems like the general election is already taking shape before a ballot is cast in next September’s primary election.

Aside from Khazei, Conroy and  Warren, two other candidates, immigration Attorney Marisa DeFranco and Herb Robinson, a software engineer from Newton are also still in the running.


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