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October 28, 2011

Khazei calls it quits in Democratic primary race.

Former Democratic Senate hopeful Alan Khazei (pic courtesy of

Social entrepreneur turned  Massachusetts Democratic Senate candidate Alan Khazei  said Thursday that he will be ending his campaign for the U.S Senate. He made the announcement during  a press conference at his Boston campaign headquarters, a day after a spokesperson with the campaign told the Boston Globe that he would be dropping out.

Though he did not endorse any of the remaining four candidates in the race, including  front-runner and fellow candidate consumer financial advocate  Elizabeth Warren, the City Year co-founder acknowledged that her entry into the then crowded but largely unknown field  ‘ struck a chord with citizens across our state and across our country at all levels of the political process.’

He also slammed Brown, who he said ‘ has failed to lead when our country is crying out for Game changing leadership’ and said he is pulling out of the race to avoid the risk of creating inner party divisions that could produce a weakened candidate and thereby boost Brown’s re-election chances. 

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