Weekly Links: Oct 22-29

The world outside my window this afternoon.

Only October and already snow is falling across the northeast, as evidenced by the photograph above of the scene outside my window unfolding as I type this. Hope the power stays on. Anyway below are your weekly links. 

  • Scott Olsen, the 24-year-old  two-time Iraq War veteran who was injured in this past Tuesday night’s clash between ‘Occupy’ protesters and police in Oakland this week, is getting ample support online from many like-minded or at least sympathetic fellow Marines. It was reported later in the week that Olsen, who sustained a fractured skull in the incident has had his condition updated from critical to fair and has emerged from a coma.
  • Speaking of ‘Occupy’, a new study of blog posts about the ‘Occupy Movement’, are overwhelmingly favorable towards it by a margin of 46%-18%. Thirty-five percent were either neutral or content from straight news sites.
  • What happens when twin sisters, one who works in the financial industry and the other who works at a TV station and in her free time takes part in the ‘Occupy movement’? Well, two sisters are in just that situation. But it could be worse, they could be Siamese twin sisters with this same disagreement.
  •  No discussion about this week in politics would be complete without the Herman Cain You Tube ad, with an image oddly inserted of his chief of staff smoking a cigarette.
  •  Former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman began his quest to be the 2012 Republican candidate for president with a couple of  ads  featuring a guy riding across the desert on a dirt bike. Now in an attempt to kick-start his stalled campaign and gain some momentum, (especially in the state of New Hampshire where Huntsman has planted his flag and Romney holds a commanding lead), Huntsman’s camp has produced this ad, using clips of Romney vacillating on many issues juxtaposed to a back flipping toy monkey. Odd.
  •  A new report from the Congressional Budget office shows that after tax income by 2007 had become 275 times larger than it had been in 1979, while the growth for other groups was much more anemic.
  •  The Afghanistan War has now gone on for ten years, making it the longest war in American History. Could it be in danger of becoming ‘the next Vietnam’? A majority in a new poll say yes.
  • Justin Bieber seems to think Sen. Amy Kloubachur (D-MN) is a guy ‘who needs to be locked up’. Reminded me of this scene of the TV Land show ‘Hot in Cleveland’ where Joe Jonas tells Betty White that Justin Bieber is a guy and she responds : “They keep saying that but I’m not buyin it.”

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