Elizabeth Warren releases first TV ad

Massachusetts Democratic Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren released the first television ad of her nearly two month campaign Tuesday, as part of an effort to rebut what she calls ‘ridiculous attack ads’ by Republican leaning groups.

The sixty-one second ad, alternating between a shot of Warren on camera, and a montage of photographs that reach back into her past, is a biographical ad of the former Harvard Law professor and consumer advocate.  that seeks to introduce Warren to the general electorate. In it, she briefly tells of her working class childhood, brother’s military service, her own marriage, life as a mother of two children, college education, time as a school teacher, law school, career in academia, and consumer protection efforts.

“For years, I worked to expose how Wall Street and the big banks, are crushing middle class families, it just isn’t right,” says Warren. 

The ad’s debut comes, following a ramp up of attacks by more prominent national conservatives such as  GOP Presidential hopeful Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX), who recently branded Warren a ‘socialist’, and the release of ads seeking to tie the former Harvard law professor and Obama administration advisor to the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ movement.

The Massachusetts Republican Party first tried to make a connection between Warren and the two month old movement against Wall Street avarice and income inequality,in a web ad that uses footage of the movements most radical elements, and TV footage of Warren saying ‘I have thrown rocks at people that I feel were in the wrong’. Warren though has insisted that supporters need to follow the law.

More recently, ‘Crossroads GPS’, a conservative political action committee, co-founded by former George W Bush adviser Karl Rove, put out a similar spot as part of a $596,000 two week ad buy. In the ad, they attempt to tie Warren to the nearly eight week movement, which they characterize as ‘ supporting radical redistribution of wealth and violence’ by  using footage of police and demonstrators clashing and a quote from an Oct interview with the Daily Beast, in which she takes credit for ‘ creating much of the intellectual foundation’ of the ‘Occupy’ movement.

” With Karl Rove and his Wall Street buddies bank rolling ridiculous attack ads, it’s more important than ever, that the people of Massachusetts know the facts about me and my fight for Middle class families,” said Warren, in an e-mail to her supporters.

Warren,62 is still technically among six candidates in a primary campaign that is scheduled to go on for another ten months. But given that the three figures who were thought by many to be the most formiddble roadblocks in Warren’s path to the nomination have dropped out, she is thought to have the nomination all locked up.

Federal Trial Attorney Jim King, Middleton immigration attorney Marisa DeFranco, Tom Conroy, a state Representative from Middlesex county, and  Herb Robinson, an engineer from Newton; all remain in the race for the Democratic nomination.


2 Comments to “Elizabeth Warren releases first TV ad”

  1. No journalistic integrity here. The occupy movement is with a bunch of paid malcontents with no clear message as opposed to the Tea Party movement. The occupy movement trashes the parks that they occupy whereas the Tea Party polices up their own trash and are about less taxes and less government regulation and for more freedom to excel.

    • Marriage coach, I have taken your criticisms of my work into consideration. Having said that I notice that every time it seems a conservatives bemoans bias, its not because it is slanted to the left but because it skews to the right. And as far as the tea party goes they don’t have clean hands either. Remember they have been known on occasion to showed up to events where the president appears, while brandishing guns.

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