UMASS Amherst professor arrested in New York City, during ‘Occupy’ protests.

A UMASS Amherst Professor, was among the three hundred ‘Occupy Wall Street Protesters’ arrested in New York City last Thursday, while participating in demonstrations that were part of a broader  National Day of Action by the two month old movement against corporate excess and income inequality.

Daniel Clawson, a Sociology Professor at UMASS and a Northampton resident, who is currently in New York as a visiting fellow at the Russell Sage Foundation, was not injured and has been out of jail as of last Thursday night.

In a posting on the well-known liberal blog the Daily Kos, Clawson says he and a swarm of other protesters we’re arrested on the morning of Nov 17, when they sat in the middle of the intersection of Pine and Nassua Streets near Zucotti Park, knotting up traffic in an act of civil disobedience.

‘Somehow I was in a sizable group  that was well in advance of the main march; we we’re sitting in the intersection before the march (and police arrived),’ he writes.

After being cuffed, Clawson and a collection of others, were then brought to the Police Headquarters at 1 Police Plaza near the New York Stock Exchange, where according to him, they were  booked and held in a holding cell with what he alleges was as many as eighty other people.

‘The most boring part was the next many hours of waiting, not knowing what would happen or when we would be released.’

Clawson though, was released at 7:30pm, and given a Desk Attendance Ticket requiring him to appear in criminal court on January 25 to face possible disorderly conduct charges.



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