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February 29, 2012

Davy Jones, ‘Monkees’ singer dead at age 66

Davy Jones, the mop topped British lead vocalist and guitarist of ‘The Monkees’ died Wednesday in his Florida home at the age of 66. Reports indicate that the cause of death was a heart attack.

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February 28, 2012

Primary Wire: Arizona and Michigan Republican Primaries

Live blogging results of the Republican primaries in Arizona and Michigan.  Sixty nine delegates are at stake in both states. If you followed the news you know the story, so I am just going to post this interesting video of Romney playing the part of a roadie for Kid Rock.

11:53PM/ET- With 80 percent of the vote in Arizona counted the final margin as it stands now is Romney 47%, Santorum 26%, Gingrich 16%, and Paul 8%.

In Michigan with 92% of the votes tallied the final margin is Romney41%, Santorum 38%, Paul 12%, and Gingrich 7%.

11:47PM/ET- Romney wins both Arizona and Michigan primaries.

Bottom line: good night for Romney he staved off embarrassment, but didn’t close the sale. Santorum however came close enough to not lose and his appeals to rural conservative base  could expose a divide between the rural and urban/suburban within the Republican party and will no doubt bear fruit in coming primaries and caucuses in the south and the great plains.

Gingrich meanwhile is fading in terms of any relevance whatsoever, while Ron Paul is and will keep being Ron Paul.

But as the pundits have said, anytime either Santorum, Romney, or in the past Gingrich seems to come close to locking up the nomination they make a gaffe of some sort that exposes a weakness.

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February 27, 2012

Northampton City Council says no way to the NDAA

Northampton  became the first city in Massachusetts to pass a resolution last Thursday night, objecting to the ‘National Defense Authorization Act’ of 2012 [NDAA].

At its Feb 16 meeting, the City Council voted unanimously in favor of the nonbinding resolution calling on Congress to repeal controversial portions of the law, and urging  city departments to not comply with federal or state requests that could lead to the indefinite detention of individuals suspected of terrorism.

The Council, said copies of the resolution will  be sent to the House and Senate Judiciary Committees,  Intelligence Committees, U.S Rep. Richard Neal (D-MA 02), Senators Brown and Kerry, the U.S Attorney General, and the President.

“I think it’s important this community says ‘this is wrong’,” said Bill Newman, President of the American Civil Liberties Union of Western Mass,  one of many in attendance to speaking out in favor of the resolutions’ passage.

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February 10, 2012

‘Mo Money, Mo Problems’ a conversation with Congressional candidate Bill Shein and the issue of money in politics.

The odds seemed to be against much of a turnout for the ‘Occupy the Courts’  demonstration at the U.S District Courthouse on State Street in Springfield on Jan 20.

It was after all, a protest  marking the second anniversary of the controversial ‘Citizen’s United’ decision, the Supreme Court ruling that overturned federal limits on how much corporations, unions, and other big donors can give to outside political groups during an election; and it was  scheduled for a Friday at noon in downtown Springfield, when tangled streets were sure to be clogged with lunch hour traffic.

At most, I thought, a dozen people would be there, the die-hard activists connected to local branches of the ‘Occupy’ movement and a constellation of other economic justice organizations.

But much to my surprise, about seventy Western Massachusetts residents showed up, armed with homemade signs, populist angst, and even a small marching band.

Could it be that voters are actually starting to care about the issue of campaign finance reform?

Bill Shein is betting that it does.

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