Primary Wire: Arizona and Michigan Republican Primaries

Live blogging results of the Republican primaries in Arizona and Michigan.  Sixty nine delegates are at stake in both states. If you followed the news you know the story, so I am just going to post this interesting video of Romney playing the part of a roadie for Kid Rock.

11:53PM/ET- With 80 percent of the vote in Arizona counted the final margin as it stands now is Romney 47%, Santorum 26%, Gingrich 16%, and Paul 8%.

In Michigan with 92% of the votes tallied the final margin is Romney41%, Santorum 38%, Paul 12%, and Gingrich 7%.

11:47PM/ET- Romney wins both Arizona and Michigan primaries.

Bottom line: good night for Romney he staved off embarrassment, but didn’t close the sale. Santorum however came close enough to not lose and his appeals to rural conservative base  could expose a divide between the rural and urban/suburban within the Republican party and will no doubt bear fruit in coming primaries and caucuses in the south and the great plains.

Gingrich meanwhile is fading in terms of any relevance whatsoever, while Ron Paul is and will keep being Ron Paul.

But as the pundits have said, anytime either Santorum, Romney, or in the past Gingrich seems to come close to locking up the nomination they make a gaffe of some sort that exposes a weakness.

 11:02PM/ET- Romney’s strongest support in Michigan came from: Those with incomes over $100,000 (49%), those 65 and older (48%), and college graduates(45%).

11:00PM/ET- Michigan voters who  said beating Obama was the most important attribute voted for Romney over Santorum 54-26 percent. Gingrich and Paul each garnered 7 percent.

11:00PM/ET– NBC Exit Polls:  Most important qualities for Michigan voters: 48 percent can beat Obama and 31 percent has the right experience.

10:45PM/ET– Romney: “It’s a critical time in America. It’s our time for choosing and we have to get it right this time.”

10:43PM/ET- Romney promises to open federal lands to energy exploration.

10:42PM/ET- Common part of a Romney victory speech where he says President Obama did this and I will do that.

10:41PM/ET- Romney says President Obama thinks he is ‘unrestrained’ by the Constitution.

10:38PM/ET- Romney: “Obama put us on the path to debt, deficits, and decline.”

10:38PM/ET- Romney: ” Our campaign is about more than defeating a President, but restoring the promise of America”.

10:37PM/ET- Look for ‘More jobs, less debt, smaller government’ to be Romney’s new slogan, promises ‘integrity’.

10:36PM/ET- Romney on Michigan win ‘We didn’t win by a lot, but we won by enough, and that is all that counts.”

10:32PM/ET– Ann Romney thanks Kid Rock.

10:30PM/ET- Mitt and Ann Romney come to the podium.

10:30PM/ET- Gov. Rick Snyder of Michigan introducing Romney.

10:29PM/ET- Chris Matthews calls Santorum’s concession speech the heart of the Republican party separated from its head.

10:26PM/ET- Increasingly whenever I hear Santorum speak I think he is channeling Glenn Beck.

10:25PM/ET- Says America works best ” from the bottom up.”

10:23PM/ET- Santorum calls for end to federal entitlement programs and will ‘give them back to the states’.

10:20PM/ET– Santorum says if elected President he will repeal ‘job killing regulations’ on first day. Says issue in race is about ‘fundamental freedom’.

10:19PM/ET– Santorum:  U.S needs a President who is on the side of rural America and energy.

10:17PM/ET- Santorum: Bureaucrats don’t care about ‘flyover country’, slams EPA.

10:16PM/ET- Slams Obama on energy ‘we need a president that says ‘yes’ to energy production.

10:15PM/ET- says government is ‘crushing people everyday’ with more taxes and regulation.

10:12PM/ET- Santorum speaks about how his mother got a college education in the 1930s and worked as a nurse throughout his childhood. Efforts to mend his anti-college education remarks and improve standing with female voters?

10:12PM/ET- NBC News projects Mitt Romney is projected winner in Michigan.

10:11PM/ET: Mitt Romney ahead 40-36 percent with 70 percent of the vote in, still too close to call.

10:10PM/ET: Santorum: “A month ago they didn’t know who we were, they do now.”

10:04PM/ET: Santorum to speak soon to supporters in Grand Rapids, MI.

10:01PM/ET: With 61% of population in, Romney ahead in Michigan by 21,587.

9:59PM/ET- I might not be a politician, but I don’t think making fun of what people wear is a good way to get people’s votes.

9:45PM/ET- AZ 2010 Census Stat:  73.0 percent White, 4.1%   African-Americans, 4.6% American Indian/Native Alaskan, 2.8% Asian, 0.2% Native Hawain/ Pacific Islander, 3.4% of two or more races, 29.6% Hispanics/Latinos, 57.8% Non-Hispanic Whites.

9:43PM/ET- AZ 2010 Census Stat: Females 50.3 percent,  Males 49.7 percent.

9:36PM/ET- NBC News: Romney ahead of Santorum in Michigan by 12,275 votes. Still too close to call.

9:26PM/ET- Of those who said economy was top issue chose Romney over Santorum 45-29%. Those who are in household where there has been a household layoff supported Romney 42-35%.

9:25PM/ET– NBC embed says Romney doesn’t think of himself as an out of touch ‘rich guy’.

9:21PM/ET- NBC News: 57% say business experience most important  in eventual nominee, 30% say government experience.

9:16PM/ET AZ 2010 Census stat: In Arizona Persons five years of age and under compose 7.1% of the population, 25.5% under 18 years old, and 13.8% age 65 and older.

9:13PM/ET- Delegates in Michigan primary are proportionally distributed. Winner in each of the 14 congressional districts will get two delegates, where winner in Arizona will be awarded all its delegates.

9:08PM/ETAZ 2010 Census Stat: Arizona population in 2010 was 6,392,017.

9:07PM/ET- Maine Republican Senator Olympia Snowe announced today she will not run for re-election.

9:02PM/ET- Democrats have carried Michigan in every presidential election since 1992. George H.W Bush in 1988 was the last Republican to carry the state.

9:00PM/ET- NBC News projects Mitt Romney will win the Arizona Republican primary, Michigan too close to call with 1,655 votes separating Romney and Santorum.

8:59PM/ET- NBC NewsSantorum 40% , Romney 39%, Paul 11%, Gingrich 7% with 14% of votes counted.

8:47PM/ET- Michigan is known as the Wolverine State.

8:45PM/ET- Huffington Post Howard Fineman says Romney is accusing Santorum campaign of using the list of the United Auto Workers to make robo calls.

8:42PM/ET- Author Rick Perlstein wrote an interesting piece in Rolling Stone ‘What Mitt Romney Learned From His Dad’ .

8:42PM/ET- Trivia: Romney’s father was also Secretary of Housing and Urban Development in the Nixon administration.

8:41PM/ET- Trivia: Mitt Romney’s father George Romney was an Executive of ‘American Motors’, a three term Governor, and in 1968 sought to be the Republican nominee for President.

8:37PM/ETMI 2010 Census Stat: Between 2006 and 2010, median household of those in Michigan was $48,432.

8:36PM/ET- Former Maryland Governor and Romney Supporter Robert Ehrlich says Romney will win Michigan.

8:33PM/ET- MI 2010 Census Stat: Between 731,023 veterans lived in Michigan between 2006 and 2010.

8:31PM/ET- Former Senator and State Attorney General Mike Dewine says Rick Santorum is ‘catching fire’ and will carry Ohio in the primaries.

8:29PM/ET- NBC News: 41% Santorum, 38% Romney, 11% Paul, 7% Gingrich. Four percent of results in.

8:20PM/ET- On the Laura Ingrham Show, former Pennsylvania Senator and Republican Presidential contender Rick Santorum says he regrets comments that JFK 1960 speech on separation of church and state made him “want to throw up”.

8:16PM/ET- NBC News: with 1% of polling results reported in Michigan: Santorum 48%, Romney 34%, Paul 14%, Gingrich 5%.

8:15PM/ETMI 2010 Census Stat:88% of Michigan residents above the age of 25 years old have graduated High School, while 25% have a Bachelor’s Degree or more.

8:14PM- MI 2010 Census Stat: In 2010 5.9% of Michigan residents were foreign-born.

8:13PM/ET- Former Speaker Newt Gingrich in home state of Georgia tonight, NBC News said he ‘deliberately’ skipped Michigan.

8:11PM/ET- Voter groups: 50% have no college degree, 30% have been laid off in the last three years, and 14% union members.

8:11PM/ET- 33% say electability biggest issue.

8:05PM/ET- NBC News Exit Polls: 54% say economy is biggest issue, 24% the deficit, 14% abortion, and 3% immigration.

8:02PM/ET- NBC News reports that polls have closed in Eastern Michigan which is in the Eastern time zone, while  the western part of the state  is in the central time zone.

7:52PM/ET-  MI 2010 Census Stat:  population is: 78.9% White, 14.2% African-American, 0.6% American Indian/ Native Alaskan, 2.4% Asian-American, 2.3% reported to be of two or more races, 4.4% Hispanics or Latinos, and 76.6% non-Hispanic whites.

7:50PM/ET: MI 2010 Census Stat: 50.9% are female and 49.01% are male.

7:45PM/ET: MI 2010 Census Stat: 6.0% five years of age or younger, 23.7% 18 and older, and 13.8% 65 and older.

7:43PM/ET: U.S Census 2010: Michigan population 9,883,640.

7:36PM/ET- In Arizona 38% of primary voters identify as ‘very conservative’ [or as Romney would say ‘severely Conservative’, 35% as ‘Tea Party supporters’. In Michigan 30% identify as ‘very conservative’ and 29% as  ‘ Tea Party supporters’. In both states, 38% identify as ‘White Evangelical Christians’.

7:17PM/ET- NBC News exit polling says in Michigan 10% of  voters in the Republican primaries 10% identify as Democrats, 59% Republicans, and 31% independents.


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