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May 25, 2012

Lone Democratic Senate primary opponent Marissa DeFranco dings Warren on response to Native American ancestry

Massachusetts Democratic primary Senate candidate Marisa DeFranco (photo: The Boston Herald)

Note : This was originally aggregated from on May 18, 2012

By Shira Schoenberg,

Political Correspondent Masslive. com

Marisa DeFranco, a Massachusetts Senate candidate, is criticizing her Democratic primary rival Elizabeth Warren for    Warren’s inability to handle questions about her Native American ancestry.

“The problem for me is the campaign’s lack of ability to have a clear and consistent message about this issue,” DeFranco told “They didn’t get in front of it when it first broke. They had several different responses.”

At one point, Warren said she could not remember listing herself as a minority when applying for a job, and she was unaware that Harvard had promoted her as a minority professor. Later, Warren said she is proud of her Native American heritage, and she listed her minority ancestry in a directory so she would be invited to events to meet others like herself.

Warren has not presented proof of her Native American heritage. Bits of the story have trickled out slowly over the last three weeks as additional documents surfaced showing that Warren was listed as a minority at the University of Pennsylvania and at Harvard Law School.

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May 19, 2012

Republicans won’t let go of Warren’s ancestry issue

Massachusetts Democratic Senate Candidate Elizabeth Warren after speaking at the 31st annual ‘Noho Pride Celebration’ in Northampton. (Photo: Alex Ross).

 The latest controversy on what if any role Massachusetts Democratic Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren’s Native American ancestry played in  her hiring as a Professor,  is  a story on which Republicans are not letting go. 

Almost every day for more than two weeks, the Brown campaign or a Republican surrogate has highlighted the latest bit of news to emerge on the subject, often citing articles on conservative websites in a bid to coax more coverage from the mainstream news media. Warren’s failure to offer a full and concise answer on what role her ancestry has played in her professional career has left an opening that has allowed the questions to linger.

On Monday, Brown’s campaign manager, Jim Barnett, held a telephone briefing with reporters, offering a near exhaustive catalogue of details about the issue and demanding anew that Warren release personnel records from her jobs at Harvard University and the University of Pennsylvania law schools.

“The question here is not about Elizabeth Warren’s credentials, so much as it is about Elizabeth Warren’s integrity and truthfulness and willingness to be transparent,’’ Barnett said.

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May 15, 2012

The Valley Advocate’s ‘Best of the valley readers poll 2012’ results

   It might be a little late but due to the unexpectedly high number of views that I saw the ‘Valley Advocate’s Best of    readers poll 2011’  get when I posted it on here last year, I thought it would be appropriate to make my first post after several weeks of reluctant exile from the blogosphere this years winners in what has become a tradition of sorts in Western Massachusetts.

For all those outside the region who don’t know, the Valley Advocate is an immensely popular weekly publication of news, commentary, and events listings in Western Massachusetts and Southern Vermont that is about as ubiquitous as a Bible is in Vatican city.

Every year between January and mid April readers are encouraged to go online and cast a ballot in one of  nine broad categories for 177 businesses, services, places, or products unique to the region with superlatives range from the best Bakery, to the best auto repair shop, the place serving the best margaritas, the best Financial services and just about everything else you can envision.

Eventually voting is then stopped and  all results can be tabulated and later published in an April issue of the advocate , and locations dubbed ‘the best’ then often display their badge as a seal of local pride in their establishment windows and in their advertising. So this years winners are…

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May 8, 2012

Back and Blogging

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Greetings readers. If you have been checking the Dispatch out lately you will notice that because my computer no    longer connected to the internet and thus I only had access to the internet for two to three hours a day when at a  library. Add to that work, the time needed to write-up stories for my position with the Shelburne Falls and West County Independent  and my continued search for a job– have all left me little time for blogging. So, about the only thing I had been posting were copies of my stories for the Independent.

However just last week I finally scraped enough money together to get a new laptop and scrap the old Compaq (by the way I encourage you to  never buy a Compaq). In the coming days and weeks I will be producing more content for the Dispatch. In the next few week  I will begin  posting content more regularly  covering the May 12  annual LGBT Pride celebration  in Northampton, hopefully attending ‘Strange creek’ the final weekend of May, and ‘Yurt Fest 2012’ in Charlemont, Massachusetts (if you don’t know where Charlemont is in Massachusetts don’t feel bad I didn’t either until I began covering it as part of the Mohawk Trail Regional School District). 

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