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Greetings readers. If you have been checking the Dispatch out lately you will notice that because my computer no    longer connected to the internet and thus I only had access to the internet for two to three hours a day when at a  library. Add to that work, the time needed to write-up stories for my position with the Shelburne Falls and West County Independent  and my continued search for a job– have all left me little time for blogging. So, about the only thing I had been posting were copies of my stories for the Independent.

However just last week I finally scraped enough money together to get a new laptop and scrap the old Compaq (by the way I encourage you to  never buy a Compaq). In the coming days and weeks I will be producing more content for the Dispatch. In the next few week  I will begin  posting content more regularly  covering the May 12  annual LGBT Pride celebration  in Northampton, hopefully attending ‘Strange creek’ the final weekend of May, and ‘Yurt Fest 2012’ in Charlemont, Massachusetts (if you don’t know where Charlemont is in Massachusetts don’t feel bad I didn’t either until I began covering it as part of the Mohawk Trail Regional School District). 

Other possible projects include a section on stories that happened awhile ago  but for one reason or another I  have not yet gotten around to writing, a ‘Live Music in the Valley’ section consisting of videos, and a possible aggregate section about news relating to the massive huge enormous 2012 Massachusetts Senate race between freshmen incumbent Republican Scott P Brown and likely Democratic challenger Elizabeth Warren, which is said to be the most expensive in the country so far.

So stay tuned.


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