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October 22, 2012

The Rumble in Florida 2012

Photo courtesy of NBC News

12:30am- Talking Points Memo points out something else in Romney’s statement about having Ahmadinejad placed under arrest, that he justifies it by saying “his words amount genocide in citation, considering no concrete action has been taken by Ahmadinejad or anyone else to actually do this, it would seem hard to make charges of genocide stick especially since one hasn’t yet happened and there is no hard evidence that it is about to happen.

12:16am- CNN Snap poll on who won the debate: Obama 48%- Romney 42%, in other words a win but not nearly as decisive as Romney’s win over Obama in the first debate.

11:09- CBS Post debate ‘instant poll’ finds that 53% of undecided voters say Obama won the debate.

10:42- Will update with links and a wrap up soon.

10:31- Romney: ‘I want to see growing peace’. Emphasizes secure future, hits Obama on declining pay and claims he can work across the aisle.  Washington is broken, and I know what it takes to fix it.”

10:31- Romney gets last word.

10:29- Obama: ‘ After a decade of war, I think we all realize we need to do some nation building at home.’

10:29- Obama’s argument – we’ve made progress compared to where we were four years ago, Romney wants to take us back and coddle the wealthy.

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