Boston Marathon bombings feed


5:14PM- Evidently the Federal courthouse in Boston was evacuated following a bomb threat this afternoon, which explains the large concentration of people including Police, outside the building.

People have since been allowed to reenter the building. 

The 5PM press conference by law enforcement officials initially scheduled for 5PM but later postponed, will still happen though it is not known when.

5:00PM- The press conference in Boston scheduled for five o’clock has been postponed.

In other news, the security video recovered by Police from the Lord and Taylor restaurant on Boylston Street, shows a man setting down a black backpack similar to that which investigators believe held the bomb.  

Investigators have also said bits of what is said to be a nylon bag, along with bee bees and remnants of a pressure cooker believed to be used for one of the bombs.  

 4:48PM- There seems to be a lot of confusion. News Center 5 in Boston is reporting that  a source has said a suspect has been identified, and there has been described as a heavy presence of Police and U.S  Marshals, the kind it would seem would seem to indicate something big is about to happen or be revealed.

Police continue to dispute that they have any suspect in custody, but the Associated Press seems to be standing by its story.

It could very well be that Police do have someone in custody and are just trying to stay ahead of the story so they can control what and when certain information is made public, but that is just purely speculation on my part.

3:00PM Despite reports earlier reports by the Associated Press and CNN, law enforcement and the Boston Police Department say there have been no arrests made, though there has been ‘significant progress’ in the investigation.

(CNN) — Investigators racing to solve the fatal bombing at the Boston Marathon have made “significant progress” in the case but no arrests, a federal law enforcement source told CNN’s John King.

The federal source and a Boston law enforcement official denied that any arrest had been made, despite earlier reports that a suspect was in custody.

One federal law enforcement source told CNN that investigators had made “significant progress but no arrest… anyone who says ‘arrest’ is ahead of themselves.”

A Boston law enforcement told CNN, “We got him,” but won’t clarify whether that means a suspect has been identified or arrested.

Some federal sources said it was even too early to say investigators had identified the suspect, but several sources in Boston told CNN that they have a clear identification.

The back-and-forth developments came after a chaotic day in which investigators revealed more details about the makeup of the bombs and apparently unrelated scares over letters containing ricin gripped the nation’s capital.

12:30PM CNN is reporting that law enforcement may have a suspect in Monday’s bombings in Boston that killed three people and injured as many as 140.  The arrest is supposedly based on surveillance video of what some say is a suspect dropping off the second bomb.

The Associated Press has gone as far as saying a suspect has been taken into custody and will be brought to the federal courthouse.

 No name or other details have been released, but a press conference is scheduled for 5PM.


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