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November 6, 2012

Election night 2012 live feed

Well, what  is said to have been one of the most expensive, longest, and ideologically charged national elections in recent memory has ended. Despite a stubborn 7.8 percent unemployment, tepid economic growth, and a growing partisan divide, American voted to give President Barack Obama a second term.

The final result was of little surprise. Since May, when the General election began in earnest, polls consistently showed Mr Obama beating Republican candidate and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney by a narrow margin in the popular vote and with a built in advantage in the electoral college. In the end that is how it turned out. President Obama edged out Governor Romney in the popular vote 51-48 percent, and a wider margin in the Electoral college 332-206.

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October 22, 2012

The Rumble in Florida 2012

Photo courtesy of NBC News

12:30am- Talking Points Memo points out something else in Romney’s statement about having Ahmadinejad placed under arrest, that he justifies it by saying “his words amount genocide in citation, considering no concrete action has been taken by Ahmadinejad or anyone else to actually do this, it would seem hard to make charges of genocide stick especially since one hasn’t yet happened and there is no hard evidence that it is about to happen.

12:16am- CNN Snap poll on who won the debate: Obama 48%- Romney 42%, in other words a win but not nearly as decisive as Romney’s win over Obama in the first debate.

11:09- CBS Post debate ‘instant poll’ finds that 53% of undecided voters say Obama won the debate.

10:42- Will update with links and a wrap up soon.

10:31- Romney: ‘I want to see growing peace’. Emphasizes secure future, hits Obama on declining pay and claims he can work across the aisle.  Washington is broken, and I know what it takes to fix it.”

10:31- Romney gets last word.

10:29- Obama: ‘ After a decade of war, I think we all realize we need to do some nation building at home.’

10:29- Obama’s argument – we’ve made progress compared to where we were four years ago, Romney wants to take us back and coddle the wealthy.

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July 1, 2012

Round up of Massachusetts U.S Senate race part II

Senator Scott Brown (R-MA), picture from desmosblog

Since Warren clinched the nomination nearly a month ago, along with the ads which have been scattered across the television landscape, its debate preparations that have received much of the attention.

Earlier this month Victoria Reggie Kennedy, the widow of the late Senator Edward M Kennedy (D-MA) extended an invitation to both Warren and Brown for a debate hosted by former NBC Nightly News Anchor Tom Brokaw at the Edward M Kennedy Institute at UMASS Boston. Warren accepted the invitation, but Brown who won the special election in January 2010 to fill the seat left vacant after the August 2009 death of the longtime Senator, made his acceptance contingent upon Kennedy promising to stay neutral in the Senate debate and MSNBC not host the forum.

Though Kennedy has not yet formally endorsed Warren and the Institute said they were still looking for sponsors, both this conditions were deemed as ‘inappropriate’ and ‘unprecedented’, so Brown declined the offer and the debate is off.  The Brown campaign said that to have the Institute’s head trustee host a debate and possibly later endorse his opponent was a conflict of interest and so the debate was off. Such a  conflict however, didn’t seem to present itself when Brown challenged Warren to a debate on conservative leaning Boston talker Dan Rea’s radio show.

Warren turned down the offer to appear on the WBZ News radio show this Wednesday and Brown went on the show anyway and in an awkward way the two seemed to be debating from afar and indirectly, when Brown was on Dan Rea’s show  and  Warren  appeared  on MSNBC’s ‘The Rachel Maddow Show’.

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June 29, 2012

Massachusetts U.S Senate race round up part one

Much has happened over the past few weeks since I last blogged about the Massachusetts senate race.

During the Massachusetts  state Democratic convention in Springfield on June 2, the party faithful rallied around Elizabeth Warren who officially captured the Democratic nomination for November’s high stakes senate race against incumbent Republican freshman Senator Scott Brown (R-MA).

Warren’s popularity with the liberal and more populist activist elements of the party base was on clear display when she won the nomination with the backing of 95.7% of delegates, more backing than any state Democratic candidate for any office received in thirty years of the convention system.  The former Harvard Law Professor and  Obama administration special assistant trounced her last remaining rival for the nomination, long shot candidate and Milton immigration Attorney Marissa DeFranco who failed to muster the necessary 15 percent support from delegates to challenge Warren in the Sept 6 Democratic primary election.

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March 3, 2012

Primary/Cacus Wire: Washington State

Pic from

Before Tuesday’s coast to coast Republican primaries and  caucuses in ten states across the nation, Washington state is holding its caucuses tonight. Forty delegates will later be awarded to the winner at a statewide convention in May.

In a press release from the Washington State Secretary’s office, it is predicted that 60,000 Washington registered voters will take part in caucuses at an estimated 6,700 precincts across the state. The Democratic caucuses in which President Obama is unchallenged, will be held April 15.

Fresh off wins in the Arizona and Michigan primaries Tuesday, as well as the unofficial Wyoming Republican caucuses; a recent PPP opinion poll of state Republicans shows Romney with a five point lead over former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum, who had an eleven point lead in a poll in mid February. Fellow candidates former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and Texas Congressman Ron Paul trail behind them.

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February 28, 2012

Primary Wire: Arizona and Michigan Republican Primaries

Live blogging results of the Republican primaries in Arizona and Michigan.  Sixty nine delegates are at stake in both states. If you followed the news you know the story, so I am just going to post this interesting video of Romney playing the part of a roadie for Kid Rock.

11:53PM/ET- With 80 percent of the vote in Arizona counted the final margin as it stands now is Romney 47%, Santorum 26%, Gingrich 16%, and Paul 8%.

In Michigan with 92% of the votes tallied the final margin is Romney41%, Santorum 38%, Paul 12%, and Gingrich 7%.

11:47PM/ET- Romney wins both Arizona and Michigan primaries.

Bottom line: good night for Romney he staved off embarrassment, but didn’t close the sale. Santorum however came close enough to not lose and his appeals to rural conservative base  could expose a divide between the rural and urban/suburban within the Republican party and will no doubt bear fruit in coming primaries and caucuses in the south and the great plains.

Gingrich meanwhile is fading in terms of any relevance whatsoever, while Ron Paul is and will keep being Ron Paul.

But as the pundits have said, anytime either Santorum, Romney, or in the past Gingrich seems to come close to locking up the nomination they make a gaffe of some sort that exposes a weakness.

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February 10, 2012

‘Mo Money, Mo Problems’ a conversation with Congressional candidate Bill Shein and the issue of money in politics.

The odds seemed to be against much of a turnout for the ‘Occupy the Courts’  demonstration at the U.S District Courthouse on State Street in Springfield on Jan 20.

It was after all, a protest  marking the second anniversary of the controversial ‘Citizen’s United’ decision, the Supreme Court ruling that overturned federal limits on how much corporations, unions, and other big donors can give to outside political groups during an election; and it was  scheduled for a Friday at noon in downtown Springfield, when tangled streets were sure to be clogged with lunch hour traffic.

At most, I thought, a dozen people would be there, the die-hard activists connected to local branches of the ‘Occupy’ movement and a constellation of other economic justice organizations.

But much to my surprise, about seventy Western Massachusetts residents showed up, armed with homemade signs, populist angst, and even a small marching band.

Could it be that voters are actually starting to care about the issue of campaign finance reform?

Bill Shein is betting that it does.

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January 18, 2012

Warren fundraising strength shows, while both sides seek to curb super PAC ads

Seeking to capitalize on last week’s news that they brought in more money from donors in the closing three months of 2011 than incumbent Republican Senator Scott Brown, the campaign of  Massachusetts Democratic Senate hopeful Elizabeth Warren detonated a ‘money bomb’ Friday, that will deliver even more.

The fundraising blitz, which according to the campaign staff has already brought in $236,000, is scheduled to coincide with the two-year anniversary of Brown’s surprise victory over Democratic state Attorney General Martha Coakley in the 2010 Special Election  to complete the term of Sen. Edward M Kennedy, who died in August 2009.

Last Wednesday, the Warren campaign disclosed that during the fourth fundraising quarter of 2011, (or what is the term  employed to what us mortal refer to as October, November, and December), Warren raked in $5.7 million, while Brown raised $3.2 million during that same period.

Still Brown now has a campaign account totaling $12.8 million, while Warren who began flirting with a  possible Senate run in August and rocketed to the top of the Democratic primary field in September, has $6 million altogether.

Recent polls suggest that Warren maintains has developed a slim lead over Brown in the strongly liberal state. But Brown’s staunch support from Republicans, likability among independents,and image as a bi-partisan problem solver willing to defy partisan orthodoxy, makes Brown a strong candidate. 

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January 11, 2012

New Hampshire primary coverage

Image from Us

Coverage of New Hampshire Primary:

9:35PM “It is time to bring the troops home from Afghanistan ladies and gentlemen.’

9:33PM- Huntsman says Americans no longer trust institutions of power or elected officals, calls for congressional term limits.

9:32PM- says economics and education are imperative to America’s future.

9:31PM- says Afghanistan and Iraq ‘are not our nation’s future’.

9:31PM- says Americans ‘ are tired of being divided’.

9:30PM- Huntsman seems to be adopting McCain’s 08 slogan of ‘country first’.

9:29PM- says third place is ‘ a ticket to ride’ I have never heard enthusiasm in Huntsmans’ voice before.

9:29PM- bad pun

9:29PM- Jon Huntsman about to speak.

9:28PM-  In NH with 50% of the vote in Romney has 37%, Paul 23%, Huntsman 17%, Gingrich 10%, Santorum 10%, Perry 1%.

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January 4, 2012

Iowa Republican Caucuses live blogging stylistic inconsistencies and all.

Pic courtesy- I and R

Update- Romney wins by eight votes!

The Iowa caucuses are tonight, as voters in the Hawk eye state wade out into the night of January to cast a vote, marking the first contest of the primary season to begin the process of selecting a Republican nominee, to go up against Senator Barack Obama in the Autumn.

Since 1972 for Democrats and 1976 Republicans have made the Iowa caucuses  the first stop in then process to narrowing the field in the process of selecting a Presidential candidate to be  their party’s candidate. In the months leading up to that January night, candidates, typically flock to the state know for its prairies and cornfields, to converse with voters, get exposure without spending wads of money (well fewer wads of money then they would on tv spots and other advertizing in larger states), with the country waiting with bated breath to see who these voters will select.

Tonight Barack Obama has no Democratic primary challenger (and presidents running for re-election rarely have), though Democrats and Obama campaign organizers say they are treating it as a sort of rehearsal to gauge their strength in the general election (since Iowa is a so-called ‘swing state and if you don’t know what that phrase means then I don’t know what to say except look it up by clicking on the link to this online dictionary). By the way I never heard the term ‘floating voter’ used, even though it is listed as a synonym for ‘swing voter’.

U.S Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX), former  Sen. Rick Santorum (R-PA), and former 2008 Republican contender Gov. Mitt Romney (R-MA)  vying in a battle for the top spot according to polls, as doors close at the caucuses are about to be called for order.

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