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May 8, 2012

Back and Blogging

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Greetings readers. If you have been checking the Dispatch out lately you will notice that because my computer no    longer connected to the internet and thus I only had access to the internet for two to three hours a day when at a  library. Add to that work, the time needed to write-up stories for my position with the Shelburne Falls and West County Independent  and my continued search for a job– have all left me little time for blogging. So, about the only thing I had been posting were copies of my stories for the Independent.

However just last week I finally scraped enough money together to get a new laptop and scrap the old Compaq (by the way I encourage you to  never buy a Compaq). In the coming days and weeks I will be producing more content for the Dispatch. In the next few week  I will begin  posting content more regularly  covering the May 12  annual LGBT Pride celebration  in Northampton, hopefully attending ‘Strange creek’ the final weekend of May, and ‘Yurt Fest 2012’ in Charlemont, Massachusetts (if you don’t know where Charlemont is in Massachusetts don’t feel bad I didn’t either until I began covering it as part of the Mohawk Trail Regional School District). 

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April 14, 2012

Editor’s Note: Internet has been down on my computer

If you are wondering about the absecence  of recent posts and content posted on the ‘Dispatch’ over the past few weeks it is because my laptop is for some reason unable to connect to the internet. This will likely mean I have to buy a new laptop. I should be getting one in the next few weeks. Stay tuned though and sorry.

January 11, 2012

Editors Note: Next few posts may seem outdated.

Made of stones and broken glass.

Editor’s Note: The next few posts on here will likely be stories that I didn’t get around to writing in late 2011 due to personal matters. I am sorry if this and the next few stories seem out of date and that I didn’t write them sooner, but its the nature of things when you are trying to find a job in a difficult economy, working on a very slow computer, and just having a trying year overall which I had in 2011. I hope 2012 will be better, more prosperous, and that I will be able to produce material in a more timely manner.

January 1, 2012

AP poll finds that Bin Laden killing the biggest story of 2011 and my end of the year rambling commentary

The top story of the year according to a survey of U.S newsroom directors and editors.

The results to the annual poll of U.S news editors and News directors was released in mid-December and the next few posts will likely seem to have happened a few weeks ago, because I have had other issues to cope with and hence the back log.

Anyway since we are on the precipice of 2012, (which as this cartoon I came across illustrates, I think is just a plot by the Mayans to freak us all out ), it seems just as timely as it was weeks ago.

Gauging the opinions of 247 U.S  News Directors and News Editors, the Associated Press asked them what was the biggest story of 2011. By an overwhelming majority, 128 of them said the NAVY SEAL operation that located and killed Al-Queda mastermind Osama Bin Laden. The Earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear meltdown that hit Japan in fairly quick order of one another, came in a distant second with 60 votes.

Obviously, since those  in charge of U.S News rooms and not media outlets around the world, the selection would seem to be tilted towards stories that have a substantial effect on or involve America. As the AP noted however, this year about half  have an international flavor to them. 

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April 8, 2011

What is going on this coming week?

IGLO Third Party Convention Debate


04/14-  The IGLO Convention– IGLO (Independents, Greens, Libertarians, and others) hold a convention in Northampton at 7pm at the Church of the Tree of Life in the 1st Church of Northampton. Its located on Center Street right across from the Iron Horse Music Hall.

     I will be there covering the discussion that is sure to ensue involving Greens, socialists, communists, Libertarians, and even a official associated with the Massachusetts Pirate Party (yes there is a Pirate political party in the Bay State). Topics of discussion will include civil liberties (treatment of Bradley Manning in U.S Custody, Guantanamo Bay, racial profiling, airport body scans, etc), ending the occupations and wars in both Afghanistan and Iraq, and ending the drug wars. Much wildness to ensue. Tickets can be bought for $25 at the Hempest.

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April 6, 2011

Gas Price watch

April 21



Each day I will try and snap a picture of the sign outside the Cumberland Farms in Chicopee on Motcalm and Prospect Streets near my house.  Today’s Picture is above.

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