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April 17, 2013

Boston Marathon bombings feed


5:14PM- Evidently the Federal courthouse in Boston was evacuated following a bomb threat this afternoon, which explains the large concentration of people including Police, outside the building.

People have since been allowed to reenter the building. 

The 5PM press conference by law enforcement officials initially scheduled for 5PM but later postponed, will still happen though it is not known when.

5:00PM- The press conference in Boston scheduled for five o’clock has been postponed.

In other news, the security video recovered by Police from the Lord and Taylor restaurant on Boylston Street, shows a man setting down a black backpack similar to that which investigators believe held the bomb.  

Investigators have also said bits of what is said to be a nylon bag, along with bee bees and remnants of a pressure cooker believed to be used for one of the bombs.  

 4:48PM- There seems to be a lot of confusion. News Center 5 in Boston is reporting that  a source has said a suspect has been identified, and there has been described as a heavy presence of Police and U.S  Marshals, the kind it would seem would seem to indicate something big is about to happen or be revealed.

Police continue to dispute that they have any suspect in custody, but the Associated Press seems to be standing by its story.

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May 15, 2012

The Valley Advocate’s ‘Best of the valley readers poll 2012’ results

   It might be a little late but due to the unexpectedly high number of views that I saw the ‘Valley Advocate’s Best of    readers poll 2011’  get when I posted it on here last year, I thought it would be appropriate to make my first post after several weeks of reluctant exile from the blogosphere this years winners in what has become a tradition of sorts in Western Massachusetts.

For all those outside the region who don’t know, the Valley Advocate is an immensely popular weekly publication of news, commentary, and events listings in Western Massachusetts and Southern Vermont that is about as ubiquitous as a Bible is in Vatican city.

Every year between January and mid April readers are encouraged to go online and cast a ballot in one of  nine broad categories for 177 businesses, services, places, or products unique to the region with superlatives range from the best Bakery, to the best auto repair shop, the place serving the best margaritas, the best Financial services and just about everything else you can envision.

Eventually voting is then stopped and  all results can be tabulated and later published in an April issue of the advocate , and locations dubbed ‘the best’ then often display their badge as a seal of local pride in their establishment windows and in their advertising. So this years winners are…

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January 1, 2012

AP poll finds that Bin Laden killing the biggest story of 2011 and my end of the year rambling commentary

The top story of the year according to a survey of U.S newsroom directors and editors.

The results to the annual poll of U.S news editors and News directors was released in mid-December and the next few posts will likely seem to have happened a few weeks ago, because I have had other issues to cope with and hence the back log.

Anyway since we are on the precipice of 2012, (which as this cartoon I came across illustrates, I think is just a plot by the Mayans to freak us all out ), it seems just as timely as it was weeks ago.

Gauging the opinions of 247 U.S  News Directors and News Editors, the Associated Press asked them what was the biggest story of 2011. By an overwhelming majority, 128 of them said the NAVY SEAL operation that located and killed Al-Queda mastermind Osama Bin Laden. The Earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear meltdown that hit Japan in fairly quick order of one another, came in a distant second with 60 votes.

Obviously, since those  in charge of U.S News rooms and not media outlets around the world, the selection would seem to be tilted towards stories that have a substantial effect on or involve America. As the AP noted however, this year about half  have an international flavor to them. 

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September 29, 2011

Elizabeth Warren gets a big endorsement and other developments in the Mass U.S Senate race

Democratic Senate Candidate Elizabeth Warren.

First, she entered the Democratic primary race for the U.S Senate on a tidal wave of  high name recognition, the enthusiasm of progressive activists, and a bold populist message aimed at the Middle Class. Then, a poll shows her as the only candidate beating Sen.Scott Brown (R-MA) in his bid for re-election next Fall.

Now, another sign that the momentum for the Senate campaign of  Wall Street critic Elizabeth Warren continues to build , is coming in the form of a high-profile endorsement.

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September 6, 2011

Daily Hampshire Gazette first published on this date in 1786

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Those who don’t reside in Western Massachusetts or aren’t steeped in the history of the American media, likely are unaware that today marks a seminal day in the life of both. It was on September 6, 1786 in a small printing office lodged in Northampton Massachusetts, where a young printer by the name of William Butler in a desire to keep the populace knowledgeable and ensure the continuation of spirited debate on issues of the age, printed the very first issue of what would become the  Hampshire Gazette.

Three years had passed since the signing of the ‘ Treaty of Paris’ which ended the American Revolution and secured her independence from the British Empire. Butler worried that with the objectives of victory and independence reached, his fellow countrymen (and women) would lose interest in the issues and challenges facing the young nation’s future. In response to those fears, he with the support of others began the printing and publication of what would become one of America’s oldest newspapers.

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August 29, 2011

Irene Aftermath

Tropical Storm Irene over New England (photo from ABC News)

Wednesday, August 31st: 

The death toll has risen to 42 across 13 states, after Hurricane Irene carved a path of disaster up the east coast this past weekend. Despite the cessation in heavy rains and winds, Vermont is still recovering, while their have been fresh rounds of evacuations in New Jersey and Connecticut prompted by the fear of swelling rivers.

In Washington DC, FEMA Director Craig Fugate is shrugging off the prospect that Disaster Relief funds being held up in Congress due to legislative gridlock. House Majority leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) has stated that all funding for disaster relief should be provided, but must be off-set by spending cuts elsewhere in order to avoid deepening the deficit.

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April 23, 2011

Winners of the best of Valley Advocate reader’s poll announced

Image courtesy: Valley

It’s that time of year again! The Valley Advocate, the weekly journal of entertainment, news, and listings is just as much a staple of western Massachusetts as the Autumn foliage, the smattering of colleges, and its fine dinning. Now the annual ‘Advocate Best of the Valley Reader’s Poll’ is out with the tops picks of the best locales in western Massachusetts and New England to get some grub, drinks, places to spend your money, or just to chill out; all selected by the readers of the Advocate.     

   Below are the winner’s in all 188 categories. Hope you have fun reading, my retinas I think are nearly burned out from laying out this list.

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April 22, 2011

Deaths of two journalists on the frontlines of the Libyan conflict reminds us of bravery and the dangers of covering a war

      Tim Hetherington, the award winning  photographer as well as co- Director of the 2010 acclaimed documentary “Restrepo”, is one of two photographers that died Wendsday amidst fighting in the Libyan city of Musrata, a stronghold of armed rebels trying to stave off pro-government forces. Chris Hondros, a freelance photographer working for Getty Images was also killed. Hetherington and Hondros, along with two other photographers with the Panos Photograph agency  also sustained injuries that are said to be non-life threatening. As many as thirteen others civilians also were slain in the attack.

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