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May 22, 2013

Breaking News: Massachusetts Lieutenant Governor Tim Murray to step down


Massachusetts Lt. Governor Timothy Murray (Photo:

Massachusetts Lt. Governor Timothy Murray (Photo:

Massachusetts Lieutenant Governor Timothy Murray will leave office next month, a year and a half before his term ends, to take a job in the private sector.

The Boston Globe broke the surprising news this morning, citing an unnamed Patrick administration official who said Murray, a former Worcester Mayor, will resign in June to become the new Chief Executive Officer and President of the Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce. 

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May 25, 2012

Lone Democratic Senate primary opponent Marissa DeFranco dings Warren on response to Native American ancestry

Massachusetts Democratic primary Senate candidate Marisa DeFranco (photo: The Boston Herald)

Note : This was originally aggregated from on May 18, 2012

By Shira Schoenberg,

Political Correspondent Masslive. com

Marisa DeFranco, a Massachusetts Senate candidate, is criticizing her Democratic primary rival Elizabeth Warren for    Warren’s inability to handle questions about her Native American ancestry.

“The problem for me is the campaign’s lack of ability to have a clear and consistent message about this issue,” DeFranco told “They didn’t get in front of it when it first broke. They had several different responses.”

At one point, Warren said she could not remember listing herself as a minority when applying for a job, and she was unaware that Harvard had promoted her as a minority professor. Later, Warren said she is proud of her Native American heritage, and she listed her minority ancestry in a directory so she would be invited to events to meet others like herself.

Warren has not presented proof of her Native American heritage. Bits of the story have trickled out slowly over the last three weeks as additional documents surfaced showing that Warren was listed as a minority at the University of Pennsylvania and at Harvard Law School.

Check out this story and more posted on our new ‘Dispatch Politics Page’                

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March 6, 2012

Primary Wire: ‘Super Tuesday’

Sorry I haven’t added any news stories in the past two days, but I      have been busy. Anyway from Massachusetts to Georgia to Idaho, and Alaska; ten states will be making thier voices heard in the ongoing Republican Presidential nominating process.

Tonight is that quadrennial event that begins the national  near Darwinian struggle with the arrows of campaign cash, good press, and the feeling of inevitablity fed by primary and caucus victories; that will take a large step towards deciding who the Republican candidate will be that faces President Barack Obama in Nov.

Based on both on my own anecdotal evidence as well as other reports, turnout and enthusiasm in the Massachusetts Republican primary has been lackluster. This could be due to the fact that only 11.33% of Bay state voters are Republicans (though voters unaffiliated with any political party can vote in the primaries), and the fact that the candidates have avoided campaigning here has generated little enthusiasm or even knowledge that the primary is today.

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October 10, 2011

Round up of ‘Occupy Wall Street’ over the past eight days. Video of Northampton Occupy Protest and more coverage to come.


                                                                                               Video posted at the bottom!

Occupy Wall Street poster from adbusters. Pic courtesy of


The past week has no doubt been a monumental one for the Occupy Wall Street movement. The movement that started with a small collection of protesters at New York’s Zuccotti Park on September 17 to speak out against what it sees as the greed of Wall Street at the expense of the middle and working classes, has since mushroomed in numbers. The seed of this movement was allegedly planted by the Canadian alternative magazine Adbusters, suggested people take to the streets to express their dissatisfaction.

Though ignored by much of the press for its first couple weeks, it found its way into the national conversation more and more, aided by social media. Last week around 700 protesters were said to     arrested trying to cross the Brooklyn Bridge on Saturday Oct 2 .

Over the course of  the week the protest branched out to gatherings in seventy cities according to at least one estimate throughout the country, where crowds of predominantly young people with a smattering of causes, grievances, and stories of hardship have assembled to voice their frustration with an economy and political system that many of them say is leveled against them.

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