Published Articles

Below is a list of links to some of my past published works. This is by no accounts a complete list of ALL my published articles just the ones that can be found online. During my tenure at Turley alone I ha approximately forty- seven pieces published. There are also two that had been published  during my time at Reminder Publications and two others at the Valley Advocate which I can’t find online. If they become available I will update them.

Should you wish to see anymore of my work or know of a job for a young experienced journalist with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications. You can also e-mail me at

Reminder Publications-

Date of Article                     Article

02/ 21/07:    ‘Eckman announces intentions to leave Board’ 

02/28/07:     ‘ Granby officials put hold on outdoor wood boilers’ 

03/07/07:     ‘ Walking program begins at mall’

03/21/07 :     ‘ Number one in top ten caught’

03/21/07:      ‘ Springfield recieves ‘green’ honor in ‘Country Home’

03/28/07:      ‘ Town Administrator re-hired’

04/04/07:      ‘ Chief: electronic devices attract thieves’

04/04/07:      ‘ Donations needed for local troops in North Africa’

04/13/07 :      ‘ New member joins South Hadley Selectboard’

04/18/07:       ‘Granby school budget slashed’

04/25/07 :      ‘ Special election scheduled’

05/16/07 :      ‘ Holyoke Chamber chooses Rozenkranz as ‘Business Person of the Year’ ‘

05/16/07:     ‘ Weed and Seed’ effort safer neighborhoods

Valley Advocate: Many of these are smaller articles and captions.

08/20/08:       ‘Attack of the Killer Tomatoes’

09/04/08:      ‘ Just a harmless little squirrel’

01/08/09       ‘ Flannel Follies’ 

01/15/09:       ‘ For the Record’



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