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March 11, 2012

Berkshire radio station pulls Rush Limbaugh from its lineup


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A Pittsfield radio station became the second to drop the ‘Rush Limbaugh Show’ from its weekday programming, a week after he called Georgetown University law student Sandra Fluke a ‘slut’ and ‘a prostitute’ on his show.

Management at 1420AM WBEC announced on Monday March    5 that the conservative nationally syndicated talk show will no longer fill its noon to 3pm time slot, due to Limbaugh’s remarks which the station says go beyond ‘the bounds of civility’.

“Rush’s defamatory and disparaging remarks about Ms. Fluke clearly violated the standards we have set for our stations and left us with no choice but to remove him from our airwaves,” said WBEC Marketing Manager Peter Barry in a written statement posted on the station’s website.

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March 6, 2012

Primary Wire: ‘Super Tuesday’

Sorry I haven’t added any news stories in the past two days, but I      have been busy. Anyway from Massachusetts to Georgia to Idaho, and Alaska; ten states will be making thier voices heard in the ongoing Republican Presidential nominating process.

Tonight is that quadrennial event that begins the national  near Darwinian struggle with the arrows of campaign cash, good press, and the feeling of inevitablity fed by primary and caucus victories; that will take a large step towards deciding who the Republican candidate will be that faces President Barack Obama in Nov.

Based on both on my own anecdotal evidence as well as other reports, turnout and enthusiasm in the Massachusetts Republican primary has been lackluster. This could be due to the fact that only 11.33% of Bay state voters are Republicans (though voters unaffiliated with any political party can vote in the primaries), and the fact that the candidates have avoided campaigning here has generated little enthusiasm or even knowledge that the primary is today.

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March 3, 2012

Primary/Cacus Wire: Washington State

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Before Tuesday’s coast to coast Republican primaries and  caucuses in ten states across the nation, Washington state is holding its caucuses tonight. Forty delegates will later be awarded to the winner at a statewide convention in May.

In a press release from the Washington State Secretary’s office, it is predicted that 60,000 Washington registered voters will take part in caucuses at an estimated 6,700 precincts across the state. The Democratic caucuses in which President Obama is unchallenged, will be held April 15.

Fresh off wins in the Arizona and Michigan primaries Tuesday, as well as the unofficial Wyoming Republican caucuses; a recent PPP opinion poll of state Republicans shows Romney with a five point lead over former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum, who had an eleven point lead in a poll in mid February. Fellow candidates former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and Texas Congressman Ron Paul trail behind them.

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